Teaching and learning about voice are my absolute passions and most definitely my purpose in life


Clare is a self confessed ‘vocal geek‘ who has a life long love of learning about all things voice related. Following issues with her own vocal health, Clare stumbled across a handful of amazing teachers and knew from that point onwards, that voice coaching was her mission in life.

Private Vocal Coaching

Clare loves exploring and dissecting individual voices to help her students realise their potential. No matter what your level of experience, she would love to help you. And with the revolution of online teaching, distance is no obstacle! Clare’s studio is equipped with the latest tools and technology to ensure your online lesson is equally, if not more effective than in person.

Clare loves bringing science and creativity together when working with her voice students.

To book a lesson in person at our studio in Rowville, Australia, visit http://www.freedommusicstudios.com

To contact Clare directly call +61417 307 598 or email clare.thomas.sings@gmail.com