Monday 22nd July 2019 – Post weekend wrap up

It was another amazing weekend of gigs and living the Dream.

Friday 19th July – Knox Business Connect’s Mid Year Function – Chosen Bean Cafe, Ferntree Gully. Duo with G-Man

This was a private gig for some old friends of mine from Knox Business Connects. It was so great to see some old friends and play some music for them. We shared the entertainment bill with a magician and a comedian, making for a fantastic night of variety.

Congratulations to Steve and his team at The Chosen Bean Cafe. You really went the extra mile to make the night successful and did an amazing job!

Saturday 20th July – Public Gig – The Acorn Bar & Restaurant – Duo with G-Man

I just love the atmosphere and the vibe at this amazing venue! The Acorn Bar & Restaurant have done it all right since they took over the place 2.5 years ago.

It was great to see my amazing friend Rosie and her visitor Christine, all the way from Greece! There was plenty of dancing as we played all the classic hits making for a fun Saturday night.

Whilst waiting to start performing, I had a good chat to Tony, the owner of The Acorn. It’s a pleasure to know such a genuine and caring man, who clearly loves running this venue and consequently puts his heart and soul into it. No wonder it’s so successful! Tony is currently participating in Dry July to raise money for Cancer. We talked about the leap of faith he made when buying the pub 2.5 years ago. It was so very inspiring.

If you’re looking for great food and a friendly place to party give The Acorn a visit! Make sure you say ‘Hi’ to the amazing owner Tony as well.

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