#VIRTUALGIG… #ISO-JAM How Melbourne muso’s are adapting during lockdown.

Wow. COVID-19 sure has forced us all to adapt. To think outside the square. To become inventive. To realize just how much more resourceful we can be with the world at our fingertips through online platforms.

G-Man & the Powerhouse – Rock N Roll (Led- Zeppelin Cover) #isojam #gmanpowerhouse
Live-streaming every Saturday at 5.30pm

Before I go any further, I’d like to acknowledge the severity of the situation we are in. I’d like to honor those whose lives have been taken. I’d like to wholeheartedly thank the medical profession and ALL those who have worked together to keep us safe. I am in no way undermining the situation and I am truly grateful to be living in Australia where isolation is possible and, thanks to everyone’s efforts, the curve is currently flattening.

Musicians, like most artists, are a special breed. We are pretty much addicted to our craft. We know we’ll never have a stable income. We know we sacrifice so much stability. But … We. Just. Can’t. Stop.

Adam and Ebony Roach have been live streaming every Sunday at 4pm

So do you think a global pandemic and cancellation of every live show across the world will knock us down? Hell no!!

A global pandemic in 2020 must be vastly different to those of its predecessors… thanks to the current technology. We can have virtual parties, virtual schooling, virtual fitness classes and as us muso’s have quickly embraced… virtual gigs…

Music is a more powerful medium than we realise, and not only are musicians addicted to providing it, but for a majority of the human race, it’s an essential part of every day life. Music is therapy in so many ways. And us musicians are the willing therapists.

The Virtual Pub – every Saturday night at 8.30pm featuring Melbourne’s most accomplished musicians.

So we rallied. We quickly updated our equipment to enable live streams with good audio quality. We researched the different platforms. We found a space in our homes to convert to our online stage (much to the frustrations of the members of our households…) and we defiantly found a way to bring the gigs to you in the safety of your own homes.

So whether you’re enjoying a weekly livestream or a cleverly constructed isojam, spare a thought for the muso’s delivering them.

If they have a paypal link… donate.

Because we’re all enjoying the convenience of live concerts in our living room and sadly, music is often assumed to be a ‘free’ service.

Many of these artists have seen their income for the rest of the year reduced to zero in the space of about three days. Their years of experience and endless hours of practice isn’t free and is worth paying for.

Everyone is struggling. So let’s all help each other and get through this together.

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