In my time as a vocalist, I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with the most amazing musicians.

I truly believe the universe dealt me these two amazing musicians, G-Man and Andy Grant. And I am eternally grateful for that. Whilst stuck in isolation we have communicated most days. We’ve pulled each other through some pretty low times and we’ve kept each other sane.

The three of us have a complete addiction to singing so have kept ourselves very busy during lockdown with various iso-jam projects, both together and apart. We are true ‘vocal geeks’… and we’ve kind of formed our own little adult ‘Glee Club’ 😂😂😂

The first of our Iso-Jams was a special release for ANZAC Day. We had decided on a song and then realized we’d have it finished close to this date. So we made the decision to dedicate it to these wonderful soldiers whom we are so grateful for.


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